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27 April 2016

Escarlatina Obsessiva: New Video Single “Bodies That Devour” Released, And It Will Eat Your Soul!

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(Worldwide)¬†Escarlatina Obsessiva’s second video off of their sixth full length album “Drusba” has been devouring the masses for the last 2 weeks since it’s intitial release!

These two batty Brazilian death rattlers are no strangers to our radio show. Now they have come a long way from the shadows of the rainforests to deliver to you their most haunting masterpiece yet! This album has been recorded, dare we say…as a gothic conceptual album that invites you to dance along the fringes of a nightmare!

“It has a beggining linked to an end, in a chain of causes and effects, and develops itself around a constant, a theme, as such as a script, and it must be heard at once, if possible, from start to end, like a film…”

It is by our suggestion that you dim the lights, burn some candles, smoke your cloves and sip down some merlot while enjoying their sinister symphonies!

Feast your beadie little eyes here for their video,”Bodies That Devour”!

The full length of “Drusba” is available for download here at their website:



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