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28 January 2016

Kommunity FK: 6 Reasons To Vote KFK At Terra Relicta Webzine!

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(Worldwide) Kommunity FK’s new video “Thee New Tribe” is the first video single off of 2015’s LP ” Thee Image And Thee Myth”, released on Crysella Records.

We gave the album 5 graves dug out of 5 over the scarewaves a few months back!

Since the moment of it’s release, this highly anticipated video has made waves across the interwebs, and has been streaming worldwide to a highly receptive global audience.

Coinciding with KFK’s video release, Terra Relicta Web Magazine is hosting their annual “Dark Music Awards”, and KFK is one of the listed nominees… that you can vote for! Here are 5 reasons why you should vote for Kommunity FK:

1.They are Kommunity FK
2. Patrik Mata and Sherry Rubber are in the band.
3. It’s Kommunity FK
4.You already know I’m going to say because it’s Kommunity FK
5.Unlike voting in this year’s political elections, your vote for KFK will actually count for something FANGNIFICENT!
6.If you are having trouble understanding why you should vote for Kommunity FK, please refer to the 5 reasons mentioned above.

Here is the link to cast your vote for KFK! It will take you less time to vote than it did for me to write this freakin’ blog list!



Don’t forget to share this on your many social media streams! Voting ends February 1st!

And here for you all to enjoy is the video for ” Thee New Tribe” by Kommunity FK

(Courtesy: Patrik Mata,,

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